What’s Ed Up To?

FYI, I had the best holiday ever in LA in December!!

I’m inclined to hand money to homeless people and tip well for services like meals. What I quickly figured out was none of the people I handed money to were homeless and ┬ásome in the service industry were pretty well off. What cinched it was the gal from Jumanji on a street corner with a cardboard sign asking for help wearing the same clothes as in the film. I saw the film after I saw her. I gave her $20 which I’m sure she appreciated unless of course it’s a franchise or she’s an employee and has to give the money to her employer. Also, if she kept the twenty could she prove I handed it to her in which case it would have some extra value. If I signed a dollar bill it would likely be worth considerably more but it still would always be worth…a dollar! It’s also kind of funny tipping a guy like Jay Z, which I did, or Notorious BIG which I did, or busy studio executives who were already annoyed with me, which I did. All were under cover!

People know I collect coins and I’ve spent the last few days buying and testing a dremel to engrave “Ed” into coins and give them as gifts, tips, and change. If my role in this world continues or even if it doesn’t this will have value beyond coin value or metal content.

I don’t believe I will ever personally sell one of these. It will not be my intention. I was homeless once in LA, as probably everyone reading this has been. I might have sold one for the metal content, to get some lunch or maybe a Carrie Underwood CD.

I will ‘Dremel’ my nickname ‘ED’ into each one with a consecutive number starting with ’01’. The first run will be done on Kennedy Half Dollars. Some may have designs on them as well. Kennedy halves are interesting not just because JFK became Andy Warhol and then Jimmy Carter but because the coins come in 90% silver, 40% silver and clad (no silver). I will attempt to get a picture, the date released, a description of the coin and if possible who got the coins. There is the possibility of copycats down the line and I’d like to make it more difficult.

Soon after I start the Kennedy’s, within a few weeks I will do a couple Eisenhower Dollars. I will start numbering from 01. I might do a couple ‘AP’ see below. A couple years ago I borrowed 2 dollars from Arnold and I’ve wanted to repay him since. It was for a charitable donation and I was 3500 miles away.

I feel like I’m writing my will here. With the Kennedy Halves I will do two ‘AP’ coins, “Artist’s Proof”. ‘ED’ somewhere on the coin and ‘AP1’ and ‘AP2’ I will post as soon as I release any.

The coins are intrinsically beautiful however they essentially become damaged once engraved and are then called “detail” coins. Look it up! The engraving on the coins however are likely to increase the value significantly beyond the damage. Sort of like in the film Mask where the kid is trying to get a rare baseball card and his grandfather gets it for him and promptly sticks a push-pin into it!!! WTF!!!!!!! Thanks writers for traumatizing me and millions of collectors around the world!!! There should have been a warning on the film, “Warning! This film contains a priceless baseball card ruined by some kid’s asshole grandfather. Viewer discretion advised.” They put these warnings up like whenever Halle or Bruce show off the goods they could have done one there as well.

The first group of coins including the two “Artist’s Proofs” will go to the Howard’s. After that I’ll spend some, tip some and donate some. I’ll describe where they went…or not! Every one in each series will be consecutively numbered starting with 01.

I have been practicing with some counterfeit Disney coins which I took off the market and have been meaning to destroy. They’re pretty but inauthentic. They did however serve a great purpose and I’ll send them to Lindsay Lohan as a gift to do with as she chooses in a few weeks. This will work much better than her breaking into my office and stealing my trash to go through. We had a judge run a trial over this because after the theft I destroyed what was stolen which she believed was hers to keep. The judge ruled that the trash was in my possession/office at the time of the theft and it therefore still belonged to me to destroy as I choose. (Absolutely true story!)

These are my intentions, let’s see how it goes and with that…I’m off!!!

Without that I’m off too, but you knew that.

Night all…ED.



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