Who is Ron Howard’s sister Part 2?

In part I we surmised Ron’s sister is Diane Keaton.

The other thing that clued me in about Keaton was the films she was in. She had a great role in The Godfather as Kay Adams Corleone, the wife of Don Pablo Corleone… oops… no … Don Michael Corleone. I must have wanted a margarita. Ron is in there as James Caan, his brother Billy is Al Pacino and Clint is the guy who tried to stand up for Moe Green. Here’s a favorite scene of mine in this film comprised of favorite scenes. BTW… Al Pacino was like 14 years old when they began filming Godfather.

Diane was also in Annie Hall with Woody Allen aka Ron Howard.

We’re going to go onto Part 3 which I promise will be one of the most interesting blogs I’ve done, one of the most wicked and one of the most disturbing. I wish you all well with it.


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