Who is Ron Howard’s Sister? Part 3

I’m going to go out on a limb here and continue with some assumptions I drew a few years ago. Remember I said earlier I never saw Diane Keaton in all the years I’ve hung out at the Howard’s. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t there, I just never saw her and I’ve found a lot of people that I had no business finding. Why have I never seen her? I suspect she has gravely disliked me, maybe hated-maybe not, maybe angered her, hurt her, all or none of the above; again I’m drawing some assumptions.

Not that long ago I had some issues with a man name Farid Naib. His kid went missing and the FBI sent me an email asking me to help find him. I dug up some photos and wound up finding him and about 50 or so famous actors and actresses. This got really heated and led to over 50 attempts on my life by Farid and his son Bobby. There have been approaching 300 attempts on my life leading to a death toll approximating 3.8 million deceased. I’ll repeat that 3.8 million deceased. Once I open the door to the other side after my business is done the powers that be take over and either avenge or make the world a safer place. One day 850,000 Cossacks found their way to god. Ron didn’t like me discussing this but I asked Eli Wiesel about this and he said the Cossacks were the most virulent anti-Semites on the planet. He then proceeded to die three days later. (Note-very good date attachment to this story).

I’ve blogged about this before. Neither Bobby or Farid are still with us. I wound up finding Farid’s son hiding in the skin of another actor. He gravely dislikes me for a number of reasons though he’s been dating one of my nephews. Stranger things have happened but not much stranger.

The scenario was created by Ron as a test and a game for me and I did pretty well…except for the attempts on my life.

I had discovered Farid’s son’s Facebook page and found a really beautiful girl on the page. It took me a few weeks to recognize that the girl was Emma Stone. Now it’s rare to find out an actor’s “real” identity, if they actually have one. Here I found out her name and address which I posted on my Facebook account. I was routinely finding people in this missing person scenario, and posting them. Some of the actors/sports figures actually liked when I figured them out, some didn’t. Some were horrified to find I had posted pictures of the actress with her top off when she was another actress and one person used it as an opportunity to try and get closer with me.

Everytime I found somebody one of the FBI agents who was monitoring my account and what I was up to on FB would jump into his car and drive to the person’s house to tell them that they had been outed. It was the man I called Captain Glasses. He wore clothing and a pair of glasses above his pay scale. I respected him but one day he suffered a small stroke in his brainstem and went to meet his maker. He also happened to be headed to my house to kill me after he was suspended from his job. All the excitement must have given him the stroke in a very inopportune location of the brain. The part of the brain that in part controls breathing.

Captain Glasses one night drove to Delaware to speak with the VP. On this ┬áparticular night he drove North to the home of Emma Stone’s family’s secret identity and location.

Captain Glasses sat down with the father of Emma Stone and explained the situation. I can’t remember if Emma’s mother came in and out, I believe she did but the father did most of the talking. He asked good questions.

He asked if they were in danger. Capt. Glasses could have lied but didn’t. He said probably not. Emma’s Dad then asked, “Is he attempting to extort money from us?” Captain glasses thought about it for a second and said, “We don’t believe so.” If I paraphrased some of that I’m pretty sure the last quote was spot on. I remembered it because of all the hesitation in his voice and the use of “we” which means this had been discussed before with others likely at the bureau. He didn’t stay much longer, just a few minutes then Emma’s mom came back in to talk with her husband. I think she may have sat out of the room for most or all of the discussion.

(Just got confirmation that the story is with a couple minor details a hundred percent true…which I knew, but you didn’t)

Here’s where it gets more interesting: I believed Emma Stone was the daughter or Sharon Stone. I don’t think you be in Hollywood and act under the last name of Stone unless you’re related to Sharon Stone. It says Emmas mom is Krista Stone who doesn’t look at all like Sharon Stone.

When I was looking up Diane Keaton this familiar gal showed up on google next to photos of Diane Keaton. I remembered who she was after a few seconds…Emma Stone.


I Decided to see if Diane Keaton was Sharon Stone which I believe she is (photo to follow). I also looked for resemblance to Emma…not too shabby.

So I believe though she could be the Grandmother that Diane Keaton is the mother of Emma Stone. I believe the FBI showed up at her house and asked questions about me (I think Glasses also asked if they knew me or had ever seen me around, I’m pretty certain about that and they denied knowing anything about me). I believe Diane and her family went through a very difficult time because of me which ultimately led to the “break up” of Andrew and Emma. Emma’s father decided it would be best if Emma distanced herself from Andrew and they split up for a while, then got back together. I am truly sorry for the difficulties I may have caused you and am grateful you still danced with me. You’re an icon and I still love you Diane!


Grace Slick,

Gloria Steinham,

possibly Patti Smith

Gal from Phantasm


Hand of God: Capt. Glasses turned out to be part of a murder for hire program at our local fibber hq. When he passed through they found $350,000 buried in the swamp behind his house in contractor bags with rocks in them…and oh did I mention 3 1/2 bodies, missing people who the fibbers pull out of the freeze periodically to show they’re doing there job. He was employed by Far and Wide’s attorney for a price of $100,000 to put an end to me. Far and Wide eventually raised the price on my head to $250,000,000. and when that didn’t work he offered me $350,000,000 to leave. I offered him about $300 to leave, not much but all I had in my bank account.

He didn’t care about the money because Jade Helm was around the corner and his game plan included after wiping out the country by 2/3 taking out the military and then everyone in acting. Hand of god rests on our heads. Blessed be his soul and praise be Allah… it happens he’s the same god most of us worship.

I’m not sure this guy is that helpful for you. He’s a backstabber and only wants me gone so he can go back to his murdering for hire ways. God’s master plan applies to him too though god hates more than anything murder for hire and slaughter of the innocent. Make a decision if you want to let go of past trespasses that were by an angel, an avenging angel but still an angel.


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