Who is Ron Howard’s sister? Part I

In our last episode of Kiki’s blog we discovered that Leslie Howard is Ron’s dad and Ron has a sister. So who is she? I will offer my best guess without checking physical characteristics. This is looking at the puzzle pieces and see what fits.

My best guess is…… drumroll….

Diane Keaton!

Diane Keaton

How did I come up with Diane? I’ve checked out Diane before unsuccessfully. I wanted to see if she was Cheryl Howard or not but I’ve seen Diane and Cheryl in the First Wives Club which I enjoyed especially the scaffold scene which was hysterical especially Diane who practically brought me to tears and a great dance number in the end with all in white though I’m guessing it was after September.





I have this fantasy of watching Goldie dancing in her laugh in bikini while I go full Mr. Goodbar on Keaton and then I let loose a super packed load when Bette starts talking in that whiny Brooklyn Jewish accent voice just like my first five girlfriends, and my wife… pure packed enjoyment!!! FYI I love Diane Keaton and I hope she never reads this. It was a thrill seeing her a few weeks ago and dancing with her…too yummy!!!!!!!!

Anyway Cheryl could not be Diane Keaton and I hadn’t seen her until recently… in person!! So what tipped me off? Annie Hall and the Godfather! Once I saw Ron and the boys had a sister I had to think through her roles. Also, there are two  issues with doing this work. When you find an actor you haven’t reviewed before…btw…I made up that fantasy… my usual fantasy has to do with me being a captive on a Viking warship but I shouldn’t share that one either… When you find an actor you haven’t reviewed is this actor someone new or another one of  a prolific actor. I decided Diane filled the bill for a new actor. She would fit for a number of actresses that I could not locate or believed was Cheryl. Without looking I believe she is the gal from Last House on the Left (a movie so disturbing my eyes are still bleeding and yay!!! they made a remake…WTF!!! maybe Patty Hearst-nope mistaken, Karen Philipp, aka Lt. Dish from M*A*S*H, Donna Godchaux, and that ever yummy Susan Dey!

Patty Hearst


Donna Godchaux from The Grateful Dead
Susan Dey







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