will and grace and frankie and behind my ears

Just watched first ep of Grace and Frankie which I could not find Will in but it was well written and incredibly funny and no laugh track!!! Yay!!!.

Despite not having a laugh track I knew when to laugh.

Very funny ensemble and a shout out to Jane who’s always great and to Lilly who’s one of the few people who only gets funnier as she gets older and can out act anyone doing a soliloquy.

The direction was good which in my mind, being a casual viewer, means I couldn’t give a shit what the director was doing. The show ran smoothly and I didn’t notice any hitches and I didn’t notice the director being overly stylized like an Altman or Allen film which means the direction was fine. BTW I love Altman and Allen.

I noticed recently that it smells behind my ears. Now I usually shower 2 or even 3 times a day so I find this surprising. If anyone has noticed this and been refusing to nuzzle me behind the ears rest assured I will be more diligent about my behind the ears hygiene, I mean I already clean in places that aren’t supposed to be clean.

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