World’s Worst Tracheotomy!

I know I’ll catch shit for this because I have this uncanny knack of getting too close to the bone on some of my jokes or observations but people continue to show up, even just for the mood swings so I’ll put it up.


Erin Moran…Joanie from Happy Days

World’s worst Tracheotomy…remember you can’t be a Howard without a Trache. I’m not sure she’s a Howard but I’m sure it’s close enough. She makes me want to think about climbing back into my mother’s womb where it had the appearance of being hospitable. I can remember being able to psychically see out into the community. My mom was so excited to be pregnant. For her it was going to be a dream come true when she would finally give birth to the daughter she ¬†wanted so badly…oh man…did that not ever work out!!!

I’m not sure what that is, could be photoshopped, …maybe she had throat cancer and they had to dig up Rich Little to dub her voice.

Keep those cards and letters coming. BTW I was a big fan of Erin…she was a world class dumpling!

Grand Rounds is on!!!!!!!

Erin Moran…tracheotomy sealed!

Did Erin smoke?? I’m guessing some form of cancer. Throat would be at the top of my list

Erin after stem cell therapy


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